Monday, May 15, 2017

Jesus: The Idiot's Son?

His disciples were clean, but not all of them. He said so as he washed them. (John 13:10) Still, only those who were already clean benefited from His washing. (The Church; The World)

More specifically, he washed the part of the body that he associated with the uncleanness of the one who was not clean: “[He] has lifted up his heel against me.” (John 13:18) Still, he who was not clean was not benefited by His washing. (The Church; The World)

More specifically again, he administered the washing on the day when he should raise the lost (the one who was not clean) up again. (John 6:39) Still, the lost was not raised up again because he was not benefited by His washing. (The Church; The World)

In general, he came to save that which was lost, though it be but one of one hundred. (Matthew 18:11-14) Still, he saved everyone except that which was lost, the one of twelve. (John 17:12; The Church; The World)

With regard to receiving a Jesus who was successful in his mission revealed at Matthew 18:11, I see no difference between the Church and the World. That Jesus is superfluous to both.

It seems to me that both the Church and the World make out Jesus to be not the son of God, but the son of that imagined idiot who spoke this tale into existence.

Still, I say these things only in my own name.

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