Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why Judas Betrayed Jesus (Or Did He?)

Judas turned his back on God before Jesus chose him to be an apostle. Before Jesus chose him, Judas was gone astray and lost.

Jesus came to save Judas, but it was the will of the Father of Jesus that he raise him up again at the last day. (Matthew 18:11; John 6:39)

A few days before the last day, Judas, lost, became piqued when Jesus rebuked him for his criticism of Mary's use of the precious ointment. Judas wanted to get back at Jesus. As it happened, the chief priests had just commanded that the whereabouts of Jesus should be shown. (John 12:3-8; John 11:57)

To get back at Jesus, Judas went to the chief priests and made a covenant to hand him over to them. It was a devilish thing to do. It was the act of a traitor. Jesus would later refer to this act with the words of the psalmist, "he has lifted up his heel against me." This was the state of the affair at the beginning of the last day. (Matthew 26:14-16; John 13:2; Luke 6:16; John 13:18)

The first act of Jesus on the last day was to wash the heel lifted up against him. This cleansing was all that Jesus needed to raise him up again. By it, Jesus gained his brother/friend/servant. (John 13:1-15)

Jesus was in the process of laying down his life with power. After raising up Judas again, he had less than 24 hours to be handed over to the chief priests, to suffer many things of them, to be killed, and to be buried. His next step was to send his servant to serve as guide for those who would take him. (John 10:17,18; Matthew 16:21; John 13:21-31; Acts 1:16)

Jesus spoke cryptically. His food was to do the will of his Father, and to finish His work. Therefore, for another to eat his food with him was to cooperate with him as he finished his work. Using scripture, Jesus showed that the one who should eat his food with him was the one who had lifted up his heel against him. Only Judas understood. (John 4:34; John 13:18)

Jesus declared to all that one of them would hand him over, but he revealed who it was to him alone. In that manner, Jesus put it into the heart of Judas to fulfill his obligation under the covenant he made as a devil. (John 13:21,28,29)

Satan opposed those things which Jesus said should happen at Jerusalem. As soon as Jesus put it into the heart of Judas to hand him over, Satan entered into Judas again. Satan worked to remove from his heart the thing that Jesus had just put there. Judas overcame Satan. (Matthew 16:22,23; Mark 8:31-33; John 13:27; John 13:30)

Judas didn't betray Jesus. In the end, Jesus himself sent Judas to the chief priests in order to hand himself over to them. In the end, Judas glorified Jesus when he accepted the work which Jesus gave him to do. And in sending Judas, Jesus glorified his Father. (John 13:31)

Post Script: Judas was a thief, a devil, and lost. (John 12:6; 6:70; 17:12) He covenanted to hand over Jesus after the devil put it into his heart. (Matthew 26:14-16; John 13:2; see Luke 22:3-6) These things indicate he had turned his back on God.

Still, I say these things only in my own name.

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