Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Downside Up World To Come

Judas Iscariot became a traitor when he made a covenant to hand over Jesus to the the chief priests. Nevertheless, Jesus responded to that first step toward an act of betrayal (he has lifted up his heel against me) by washing the foot whose heel was lifted up against him. The effect of that washing by Jesus was to gain for him his brother.

When eventually Judas handed over Jesus to authorities, he did so as a friend/brother/servant of Jesus. In the end, his act of handing over Jesus was not an act of betrayal. In the end, his kiss was a kiss of love.

They all misunderstand the Gospels, who think the word “betray” is a correct translation of the original texts. Where in the originals the text is translated “betray,” the texts themselves betray no hint of an act of treachery.

After Jesus announced, “One of you shall betray me,” none of his disciples conceded the possibility that he could be disloyal to Jesus, when each asked, “Is it I?” The words of Jesus in the original texts did not denote betrayal, and they did not connote the sense of an act of treachery to his hearers - nor have they until this day, nor will they ever, even until the end of time, to anyone who has ears that hear.

The world doesn’t give a damn about any of this, but it is a critical matter for those who have been called out of the world. It is a sign that the world is about to be turned upside down . . . or, rather, downside up.

Nevertheless, I say this only in my own name.

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