Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jesus Never Said "Betray"

Simon Peter was confident of his loyalty to Jesus, and he was not hesitant to say so, even if it meant contradicting Jesus to his face. When Jesus said that they all would be offended because of him that night, Simon Peter spoke up promptly, “Though all shall be offended because of you, yet will I never be offended.” (Matthew 26:31,33) Then, when Jesus said to Simon that before the cock crow he would deny him three times, again Simon spoke up without hesitation, “Though I should die with you, yet will I not deny you.” (Matthew 26:34,35) This evidence alone, without resort to the strictly semantic argument that the word “betray” is a mistranslation of the Greek, should be sufficient to reject the idea that Jesus said, “One of you shall betray me.” It is incredible that Simon Peter responded to such a statement with the words, “Is it I?” (Matthew 26:21,22)

What Jesus did say was, “One of you shall deliver me.” That is the statement to which each asked, “Is it I?” His statement conveyed no idea that the act was anything other than an act of cooperation with him. In fact, he described the one who would deliver him as one who was cooperating with him: “He that dips his hand with me in the dish.” (Matthew 26:23; “dips with me in the dish,” Mark 14:20; and “the hand . . . is with me on the table,” Luke 22:21) That is what Jesus said, and that is how his disciples understood his words.

I suppose that most readers of the gospels have had little or no reason to doubt the tradition that Jesus spoke openly to his disciples that one of them would betray him. Perhaps even after considering this argument they will still have insufficient reason to doubt it. But let the reader beware that the Jesus who said, “One of you shall deliver me,” is not the same Jesus as the one who said, “One of you shall betray me.” The Jesus who said “betray” is the product of imagination under the influence of Satan; and the one who receives that Jesus rejects the other, who came in his father's name.

I do not say that most readers are not called, but I say that Judas Iscariot was chosen to hear and to understand the words of Jesus as most readers have not been chosen heretofore.

Still, all of these things I say only in my own name.



  2. Shalom Thank You yeah InI mostly agree Judas Yewdas is on Messiah side I heard him and Yeshuya came from the same place with mary magdaelene. Its interesting in the Islamic tradition about how they say Judas took Messiah Isa/Jesus/Yeshuya place on the cross, i believe it both Messiah Yeshuya is the First and Last and many inbetween but Judas as his twin also, saints too I feel get a taste like it says we die and rise with Him. Sorry i cant explain myself well but thought you would like this prayer so i share it. :-) stay bless may ALA reveal more Truth to and through you and everyone. A Gnostic Prayer of Judas

    O Lord, I cast my gaze upon the earth,
    And I look into the realms of the Entirety,
    My soul within me is in distress when I look and see,
    It is a Vision of Sorrow and Suffering that I behold;

    What shall I say of the day of my birth,
    When I look and see my fate predestined?
    How shall I rejoice in my being born,
    When I look and see my corpse laid out in the grave?

    What is this they have called “life,”
    Which is birth, aging, illness and death?
    To cleave to it is to grasp at the dust,
    And to fall into unconscious oblivion –

    I ask, O Lord, what is desirable in all of this?
    Surely, your kingdom is not of this world,
    For the world is a realm of falsehood and darkness,
    But your kingdom is the Abode of Truth and Light.

    If in this realm of error I speak the truth,
    Who shall want to listen and hear?
    If there is no recognition of the Ignorance,
    Who shall seek your Divine Gnosis?

    O Lord, I pray to you, deliver me from this dire straight,
    Call me to you and open the way before me,
    Do not let me continue in my aimless wandering,
    But with your beloved Sophia, let me go up in the Rapture.

    Everything is an in-between this and that,
    There is no substance in all that appears,
    And you are the Gap, the Everlasting Door,
    I pray, O Lord, let me pass through.

    To the children of Seth I shall say,
    “Do not despise the Lamb, for by it you see the Door,”
    And to the faithful I shall say,
    “Your sins are forgiven you, your spirit is set free.”

    What you ask of me, I shall do,
    What you speak in me, shall be spoken,
    What you conceive in me, shall be made known,
    Not my will, but your will be done, O Lord.

    I pray for the Divine Revelation to be manifest in full,
    That the Light Transmission might pass between us,
    Whatever shall be said of me, I care not,
    But only that I live by the Spirit of Truth.

    Let us go forth according to the prophecy you have spoken,
    And give the Ransom for the Holy Bride, as predestine,
    Let us celebrate the Wedding Feast and enter the Bridal Chamber,
    And reveal the Divine Image of the Human One of Light, the Great Seth.

    I have looked into your eyes, and gazed upon my Holy Star,
    You have shown me the Pleroma of Light from which we come,
    And you established me in knowledge, understanding and wisdom,
    You have crowned me with Supernal Grace; I am with you, O Lord.

    Coming in, let us go out,
    Descending, let us ascend,
    Running, let us return,
    Moving, we move not –

    Let the Ignorance be dispelled,
    And let the Divine Light be revealed,
    In place of the Vision of Sorrow,
    Let the Vision of Divine Rapture be shown!

    O children of the earth, may you remember yourselves as children of Light,
    To know and believe that you are travelers here, destine to transcendence;
    On the Day of Be-With-Us may you stand in the Light-Body of the Risen Christ,
    And realize the Great Liberation through Hearing the Living Word that is spoken!

    In the Name of Eheieh, the Divine I Am,
    Amen and amen.

    As it is spoken, so is it done.


    Tau Malachi
    Sophia Fellowship
    Ecclesia Pistis Sophia