Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Could Judas Iscariot have gained the whole world?

        With the washing of his feet,
        the cleansing of that heel
        which he had lifted up against Jesus,

        with the casting out of the devil
        which had put into his heart
        to betray Jesus,

        with the forgiveness of his sin
        and his trespass against Jesus,
        by Jesus,

        in short,

        by the work of the good shepherd
        in seeking out and returning the lost sheep,
        Judas was saved.

        That's the good news.

        there was no time to slay the fatted calf,
        to eat, and to be merry.

        There was no time to call friends and neighbors together
        to rejoice that the lost was found.
        There was no time.

        The hour had come
        for Jesus to depart out of this world
        unto the Father.

        And the hour had come
        for one of the twelve to hand him over
        to those who would take him and kill him,
        that the scripture might be fulfilled. 

        He was saved.

        Let no man call unclean
        that which God has cleansed.

        All he had to do was say to Jesus,
        "I will not do it,"
        and he could have gained the whole world.

        He had that promise from Satan.

        I offer these words only in my own name.

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