Monday, September 27, 2010


"man of the Lord"?

 Ίούδας ό Ίσκυριώτης
Judas, the man of the Lord?


Greek ισος signifies to agree + Greek  κυριότης denotes lordship (κύριος, a lord), power, dominion

 Ίσκυριώτης indicates one who agrees to the lord's lordship. 

This epithet might have been given to Simon Peter early in the ministry of Jesus.

It could only have been given to Judas after the footwashing, and it was given to him after the resurrection of Jesus in recognition of his acceptance of the assignment to hand Jesus over to the authorities.

I'm speculating on derivations for the name Iscariot because I'm not satisfied with the speculative "man of Kerioth."

In my own name only.

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  1. Hey Gary,

    This is Andy. I am posting this to see if I can learn to post. I hope it works.

    I agree with you that the surname Iscariot does not mean, 'man of kerioth.' The word is an epithet that reveals Judas' mission, and Simon Peter has a part to play in it as well.

    You are doing fine, keep it up.